Senturk Hukuk

Focused on a High Perception Law Company Branding Soft Colors and Elegant Look

BAL Project

BAL is a smart home product designed for the homeworkers who need assistance for their works.


Experimental lighting project. Ambient and luminance light works together. Light like a Poem.


Clean iQ is a total branding project for a nano-technological cleaning material.


Rust is a living tile. It effects by the humidity of buildings, changes it shape by time and aging.

Didim | Home Designer

Elegant look designer shop.

ErkaÇevre Branding

Full of branding service for a waste management company.

Mocha | Furniture Design

Simplicity, Natural Wood and Vitality


A football concepted young room design which is furnishing, user and production oriented design solutions and joy together.


Lawn Mover design project with a more naive and colorful style.

What is Old ?

“Actually aging is the uniqueness which objects get under favour of time.”